Truly an Independence Baby, Teri was born on July 2, 1953 in Nagoya, Japan to Air Force pilot Jim Louden and wife Peggy. She thrived on the international travel and adventures that were part of her military upbringing, and sets a wonderful example of a confident and proud “God Bless America” spirit.

At age 29, she left corporate America to found a Chicago-based medical consulting and publishing firm, The Louden Network, which quickly gained national recognition.

A talented and inspiring speaker, Teri has presented her thoughts and visions on “Thinking Differently About Healthcare®” at hundreds of medical and consumer conferences. She has authored many medical industry studies and reports and published a monthly newsletter titled The Leading Edge.

Teri currently lives in San Diego where she continues her health care consulting and is passionate about healthy aging. In keeping with her belief in the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s own health, she takes the time to exercise, practice daily yoga and Pilates, watch beautiful sunsets and meditate. And… following her dad’s example, she enjoys every moment of every day, loves people, never forgets to have fun, and lives on God’s wings!