Laugh and smile as you
listen to Jim recounting his touching portrayal of past adventures and how to live
a great life.
Tales from The Greatest Generation"
Trying out for Major League Baseball
D-Day & The Battle of the Bulge
His miracle survival story
Love of Flying, family, military, God, and country

omplete the On God’s Wings experience with the companion CD– a wonderful gift combo! Teri interviews her dad throughout this heart-warming, educational, and musical journey.

Big Jim has been entertaining people all over the world with his harmonica for more than half a century.

Listen to Jim “The Hubba Dubba an”
on his recording day in Nashville as he entertains you with living history and a collection of his favorite tunes.

Get ready to tap your toes and sing to this great collection of tunes including:
Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
God Bless America”
The official Air Force, Navy, Marine and Army songs”
The White Cliffs of Dover”
Amazing Grace”
And many more...