“On God’s Wings sends a terrific message about the powers of positive thinking and attitude. It’s an inspirational read.”
      — Joe Paterno, Coach of the Nittany Lions Penn State Football Team

“On God’s Wings truly captures the unbelievable passion and dedication of Jim Louden, myself, and so many other pilots, military personnel, and their families. The title says it all… it’s what keeps all of us gung-ho test pilots and aviation pioneers going. It’s about time someone wrote about the B-45 Tornado, our nation’s first operational jet bomber.”

      — Brigadier General Robert (Bob) L.Cardenas, US Air Force (Ret.) and Chief Test Pilot for the B-45 Tornado

 “A beautifully written tribute to the military, their families and to dads everywhere who inspire and motivate their sons and daughters to be the best they can be and to love God and country. Teri has, once again, reached out to touch so many with valuable and heartwarming truths about health, love, and life.”
— Chuck Lauer , Corporate Vice President, Crain Communications, Inc., and Publisher, Modern Healthcare, a Crain's publication.
Author of Soar With The Eagles and Reach For The Stars

“Teri has provided wonderful documentation of the men and women of “The Greatest Generation” that we can all relive through On God’s Wings special words and photos. I can just imagine hearing my dad on his trombone with her dad playing along on his harmonica when they meet in the heavens above!”
      — Jonnie D. Miller, daughter of Major Glenn Miller, leader of the renowned Glenn Miller Orchestra and the Army Air Force Band.

“This well written and sensitive book portrays not only the trials and tribulations encountered in developing our first jet bomber, but also the love and adoration of the author for her father, a heroic and pioneer member of the B-45 team.”
      — Vice Admiral Edward H. Martin , US Navy (Ret.)

“In addition to our 80+ years of age, “Big Jim” and I have other special bonds based on our mutual love of baseball, our exceptional wives, God and our great country. I loved “On God’s Wings” and its inspiring messages and want to thank Teri for honoring not only her dad, but our generation as well.”
      — Joe DiGangi, Bull Pen Catcher for the New York Yankees, 1933; Navy Seabee, WWll-Pacific

“Teri Louden believes in miracles and her uplifting book confirms that miracles are God's gift to everyone. Her charming stories in On God's Wings portray a father-daughter relationship that we can all admire and experiences which will inspire each of us.”
      — SQuire Rushnell, Author When God Winks

“My father, who flew one of the first B-45’s, found it to be an aircraft of great promise. However, he knew there would be accidents. Teri Louden, from her uniquely personal perspective, has now told of the most harrowing and miraculous of these accidents. There was nothing left of the aircraft, nothing left of two men… and the third, Jim Louden, had to be found and pieced back together.”
      — Patricia Chapman Meder, daughter of Brigadier General Willis F. Chapman, USAF (commander of the 47th bomb group where the B-45 was introduced), and wife Charlotte

“On God’s Wings” beautifully captures the wonderful life lessons and spiritual gifts that “Big Jim” and his daughter have shared with those of us who have been fortunate enough to have known them over the years. There is a great word for the two of them… firecrackers!!”
      — David Hanke, Senior Vice President, McKesson Corporation

“Teri Louden’s book reveals the values instilled in children from growing up in a military family: integrity, perseverance, a sense of adventure, and the inspiration and confidence to pursue their own dreams.”
      — Linda A. Burns, daughter of pilot Lt. Colonel Joseph Burns, US Air Force (Ret.)

“Big Jim” was always a larger than life kind of guy, and Teri captures that so perfectly. However, the extra special part of “On God’s Wings” is the testimony given to the strength of character required to be the supportive military wife – like her dear mother and my very good friend Peggy Louden.”
      — Marge Kaufmann, Air Force pilot wife and supportive friend
of Peggy Louden after “Big Jim’s” crash

“What a joy it has been to have Jim Louden as part of our faith community. In fact, I’ve given the “Hubba Dubba Man” a new nickname. I call him“Joyful Jim.” Since his move here several years ago, his faith, optimism, generosity and love of Christ have touched many lives. “On God’s Wing’s” is a wonderful tribute to this man of faith. I can honestly say that Jim lives what he believes.”
      — Reverend Charles M. Zimmerman, Senior Pastor, First Lutheran Church, Greensboro, NC.

“Jim Louden’s will to live was, I believe, very much driven by his wanting to fly again— Teri has so perfectly captured his miracle story and the highs and lows of life in the military. A wonderful tribute to military men and families who have sacrificed so much for the love of their country.”
      — Pat Roberts Coleman, Air Force pilot wife and supportive friend of Peggy Louden after “Big Jim’s” crash

“Jim is a very kind and compassionate individual who loves life and lives it in a full and Christian way. He is easy to meet, easy to love, and if you
mind your manners, and ask him nicely, he may just serenade you with a little tune on his harmonica.”

      — E. Faison Williams, Secretary of Creasy Proctor Masonic Lodge 679, Fayetteville, NC

“Playing my guitar along with Big Jim on his harmonica is one of my fondest memories. His passion for harmonica playing and entertaining others is evident, along with his spiritual gifts and infectious passion for life.”

      — Rip Williams, Musician